We are the faces behind Hundred Mile Homestead--Mario, Lexi, Kinsley + Emerson! This all started a few years ago with a few different dreams. First, to become a little more self-sufficient. Second, our love for animals! And third, Mario decided to set his sights on completing a one hundred mile race, hence the name "Hundred Mile Homestead".

We wanted to know exactly where our food was coming from and what was going into it so it made sense to offer that to those who can't or would rather not do what we do. It did not take us long to realize the need for local, high quality pork products in this area and we decided to act on it. We have become very passionate about raising these animals and providing pasture raised pork and eggs (when our chickens aren't freeloading) to our community.

All our animals live on pasture, in the sunshine, where they spend their lives doing exactly what they were created to do! Pigs get to root, eat grass and plants, and roll in the mud, and the chickens get to run through the pasture eating all the bugs they could ever want. We feed all our animals high quality, non-GMO feed, corn free and soy free feed.

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What are the animals fed?

All of our animals get a high quality organic, non-GMO feed, corn free and soy free feed.  In addition to that, they get some scraps from us, mostly fruits and veggies and some leftover sourdough, etc.

Do the animals receive antibiotics or steroids?

No! We feel very strongly about this. They never receive anything unnecessary. In the case of an emergency, we will provide any needed treatments but that animal will be tagged and not be sold to consumers as retail or wholesale.

Are the animals all pasture raised?

Yes! We rotational graze when and where necessary to maintain the soil/land health as well as the health of the animals.

Are your pastures sprayed or chemically fertilized?

No. We feel strongly about staying away from chemicals so we do not spray or treat any of our pastures with chemicals. However, we do from time to time plant covercrops to help regenerate the soil/land, as well as give the pigs something extra to snack on!

Do you have more than what is listed on your website?

We do. We only list a select and small amount at a time so if you are looking for something not listed, please reach out!

Do you ever sell half or whole hogs?

We do on occasion and we plan to do so more in the future, hopefully. We are still very small and focus largely on retail (some wholesale). If/when we ever have availability for half/whole hogs, we will announce it via our e-mail newsletter (be sure you are subscribed!) and Facebook. We charge by the pound on hanging weight, then you pay processing and pick up your meat at the processor.

How does delivery work?

We deliver on Fridays. If you will not be home when we deliver, please leave a cooler for us to put your meat in. All orders for delivery must be placed by 10pm the night before. For delivery, you must select "ship" at checkout and then it will give you the delivery option if you have met the requirements (in Muskogee, Coweta, Tulsa and surrounding areas, $49+ in your cart, and you cannot use PayPal, google pay or Apple Pay. That is Shopify's rules, not ours. Not sure why but that's the way it is.) If you ever have a question about whether we will deliver to you, feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for any updates on deliveries and possible future pickup times and locations.

Do you ship?

At this point in time we do not ship any meat products (only t-shirts, dehydrated sourdough starter and other merch).

Not business related necessarily but we always get asked whether either of us grew up on a farm!

We did not. A lot of research, books, YouTube, and trial and error later, here we are!

**If you ever have any questions about our products or our practices, please don't hesitate to reach out!